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The Last Day of August

On the last day of August, I finally got my summer. Do you ever feel that sometimes, one day can be everything? My summer's been rather unfortunate. I've been too unwell to truly enjoy it so it's kind of passed me by. I don't mourn it - I love Autumn. But on the last day of August, I got the one wish that I had for summer.

Four neighbourhood friends (Maria, Zoe, Rachel and Tajana) were due to come over that evening, to catch up. The day had been good - no pregnancy sickness whatsoever in addition to the greatly increased energy levels that I'm (sometimes) finally enjoying. I'd made my favourite soup for lunch, and later prepared some muffins for when the girls came over.

And somewhere along the way, it occurred to me that as it hadn't rained in a few days and wasn't due to for a few more days, I could technically take the opportunity to entertain outside. So I finally took the winter cover off the umbrella, set up the tea lights and lanterns around the garden, and the fairy lights under the umbrella. It looked magical, just as I'd wanted it.

We had an excellent time, wrapped in my little collection of airline blankets, chatting and nibbling away well into the evening.

The evening defined my summer. It was good company, laughter, yummy nibbles, candle light and fresh air - exactly the way I imagined it to be.


Of course, Nosy Neighbour made a few appearances at the window... but then it wouldn't be an evening in my garden without that ;)


  1. *likes* :)

    Hope you're feeling well today xxx

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling well enough to enjoy the rest of the summer. But I totally hear you on "one day being everything." One experience really can come to embody an entire season of our lives.

  3. Oh, that sounds perfect. You have to love an evening outside with friends. Nothing is more summery, I don't think.

  4. awww you guys are gorgeous and looks you had a good time

    Loving the Airmalta blanket - how on earth did you manage to sneak off with any of them?

  5. A well-positioned bag when gathering your things on the way off the plane goes a long way :) There's an AirMalta one, Air Mauritius, Air India and Alitalia which used to belong to my grandad (so it wasn't just me!!). I lost my British Airways one to the cats :( It will need replacing.