The End

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Pause for Effect

Well folks, here we go. Around the time this post goes live, the packers will be arriving to do their thing where they turn my perfectly organised life upside down... again. I've done a lot more pre-planning this time, having been bitten by disastrous packers last time (maybe I'll blog about that once we're settled in). But for now, it's goodbye for a little while.

When I next blog, we'll be in Dubai!

Meanwhile, be sure to keep an eye on the blog facebook page - I'll be posting any updates there.

And while I'm away, just a little reminder about the Blog Carnival I'll be hosting on the 22nd April. The theme is spring and you are more than welcome to email me links to your more recent spring-themed blog posts (theprettywalrus at gmail dot com).

To anyone visiting the blog directly from the BritMums Carnival Schedule page, The Pretty Walrus is what once was Accidentally, kle... so yes, you're on the right blog. Apologies for the confusion!

Ok, switching off now. See you on the other side!


  1. Wow wow! It's all happening. I hope the journey is a very smooth one and you all feel instantly like its home there x

  2. It's happening! Good luck and absorb all those lovely (scary and hectic) moments of living in a new country.

  3. Best of luck with the move. Hope it isn't too stressful and you all settle very quickly into your new home and new life in Dubai!

  4. Oh wow! All the best and hope things go smoothly and you settle in quickly!