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Bunny (but not Bunnywunny)

On Halloween in 2012, Emily and a pregnant me ventured into London to meet our friends (then also pregnant) Kate and Alexa. The girls were all dressed up as a fairy and a witch, and we took them to Selfridge's. While we were there, we stumbled upon a large collection of JellyCat Bashful Bunnies. There were all sorts of sizes, and I loved them. Emily loved them too. So I decided to treat her to one of them.

She was just getting into making little decisions for herself at the time, so I gave her a choice. I showed her the tiny bunny, and the slightly larger one. I wanted her to choose the larger one, but I knew she wouldn't. Emily always has had a soft spot for little things. From a very early age, the smaller version of something is the one that gets her saying "How sweeeeeeet!"

And as predicted, she chose the small one. I hoped that that bunny would become her special snuggly, and it did - for all of three days. After that it was quickly discarded and would only be lifted out of the toy basket by an ever hopeful me, only to be discarded all over again.

It will come as no surprise that Emily has many toys. But she's never actually chosen a really special one. When I was young, I had a pink elephant called Lazy that went with me everywhere. Lazy's limbs had to be reattached several times over the years simply because he was so well-loved. Lazy is still in a bag of keepsakes somewhere. But I digress.

Then earlier this month, while David was away in Dubai, she "discovered" bunny. And she discovered that Bunny's ears can be used along her face in the same relaxing way her clothy's corners once could.

Bunny now goes everywhere with Emily. If she so much as goes downstairs for breakfast without Bunny, you can expect a meltdown. Bunny even goes to the toilet with her. It has taken all my convincing powers to make her leave Bunny at home when she goes to school.

It looks like Bunny may actually be her Special Snuggly after all.

I remain, as ever, hopeful.

*The title of this post refers to a bunny in one of her favourite books: That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown


  1. so adorable... Henry also has a JellyCat Bunny in blue and I too, often wonder if it will become his lovie.... he loved it when we saw it in the shop then didn't care for it much after a few days..

  2. Beautiful. I have a jellycat bunny, dark purple with pink spots that I bought for the baby we lost. This is a very special bunny to me. Lewis and leah both have their snuggly dogs, Mr Woof and DogDog... were snuggly mad here!