The End

This blog is now closed. The story continues over on Flip Flops and Flying Carpets.

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He crawls down the corridor towards the stairs, his hands clapping along the floor.

Clap, clap. Clap, clap.

It's about time for his nap, and he knows it. He's beginning to feel sleepy.

He stops mid-corridor and sits down. He looks over towards me and shouts to get my attention.


I look up and say "Hello!"

"Up," he says, and carries on towards the stairs. 

He wants to go up to his room. He wants to sleep. 

I pick him up and give him a cuddle and tell him that he's such a good boy for telling me that. 

We walk into his room, I close the door, switch on his sound machine, draw his curtains.

That's his cue. He lays his head down on my shoulder and snuggles. 

It's time for a nap.