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Assembling a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

No mean feat. We opened up the box the night before her birthday party and realised the tools we needed were not accessible ("Big Boat"). So we packed it all up again and attempted to hide it away (unsuccessfully) and then borrowed my Dad's power tools that the instructions mentioned needing. What unexpectedly came with the power tools was my Dad's know-how along with the assistance (and enthusiasm) of my little sister and her boyfriend. David and I pretty much sat back and watched.

And took photos of the process.

Someone was VERY pleased to find her car waiting for her the next morning. "My car! My car! Built it! Thank you Mummy, thank you Daddy!" (Credit was given to its rightful owners) She has done very little that hasn't involved the car ever since. She especially loves the bottle holders at the back.


  1. Haniniii!!!

    Avvanzata iktar minni - ikolli ninqeda bl-Arriva LOL!!!

    S :) xoxo

  2. I'm quite sure the cake didn't go into the car, right?? :p

  3. How cool is that!! I bet Little Z would love something like that - I'll have to do a bit of looking on the internet :)

    1. Amazon had some pretty good prices, and apparently Asda sold them even cheaper at one point. Have a look!

  4. Nice looking set of wheels, and even better that you didn't have to struggle with incomprehensible instructions.

  5. OMG those instructions would have phased me out! I would have sat and eaten the cake and let everybody else get on with it. lol