The End

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In the Interim

Many will know of my love affair with Spring. This year I am all the more eager. With Emily here, Spring holds so much more promise. Walks and picnics, watching her take in every new thing, then rewarding me with a brilliant smile. It's enough to light up my day.

We're getting there slowly, the weather is gently picking up and we've already been getting a few good walks in, even if it still involves several layers of clothing and blankets for Emily!

Things have been a bit hectic lately: between having visitors over, doctor's appointments due to my stomach not doing too well for about 6 weeks now, and some very difficult evenings in Emily-land... well, it all gets on top of me at times! x


  1. The thing I'm looking forward to the most when I visit (other than seeing you) is taking her out for a walk :D eek! xxxx

  2. I should probably warn you that she generally sleeps straight through our walks!! ;) xxx

  3. Not a problem at all. It's not like she'll actually walk anyway ;) *muah* can't wait!

  4. Sorry you're not feeling good- but little Emily looks even cuter that I thought possible in your new post :) Feel better!

  5. Hang in there! It will get better! And beautiful days are right around the corner!



  6. Hope you feel better. I can't wait for spring either.

  7. Things definitely feel a little better when the sun is shining! You are doing so well, it does feel like a life time since you were pregnant, cannot wait to join you & share my worries!!
    Miss our chats but thinking of you & Emily regularly - She is such a cutie!!
    Also- Cannot wait for picnics to begin! Love that season :) All will be alot easier then xxxxShauna

  8. Love that little photo of Emily! So adorable!