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Of Adventures Ahead

Our farewell to 2012 looks to be a quiet one too. I'm not moaning, just stating facts. Yes I would have preferred to have something to look forward to, but that's just the way this holiday season was going to have to be, seeing as how we scheduled our move right after it. Not to mention the fact that Emily and I are now both unwell anyway - even if we did have somewhere to go, we probably wouldn't have made it!

The Amazing Frannie (because she is) listed her 5 awesome things about 2012 on her blog. She then asked us, her friends, to list our own 5 awesome things. I turned into a whimpering, hormonal mess because I couldn't think of anything. I said to her that I feel numb, that the last 6 months seem to be a complete blur in my mind. I guess that's why they list moving house (country!!) as one of the most stressful things a person can do in life.

But she calmed me down, as did David, and eventually I came up with a list. Realistically, 2012 was a full year, and a meaningful year. In many ways it was the year I really grew up and sorted out my priorities. Perhaps many things cannot be listed, they're lessons rather than events or occasions - but they don't count any less.

My List
- I helped Emily grow into a beautiful, caring toddler
- We created a new addition to our little family
- I became very close to a few particular friends whom I couldn't have made it through the year without
- The huge decision to move back to Malta was taken
- David and I became closer, and saw a return to the carefree relationship we had before we moved to England

2013 will be an exciting year. Not an easy one by any means, but an exciting one. A whole new life to build, three house moves, resettling into a country I don't particularly like (I may or may not go into this in a future post), reigniting bonds with family and friends, less feelings of loneliness, hopefully a fuller and happier life, not to mention a special little arrival sometime in March or April! So much to look forward to and nurture. Let the adventure begin!

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  1. how very interesting! I so understand and believe me I have been often feeling what you explain...or describe as numb. Is a time of life which can make or break....and hormones do not help do they? from where I stand (perhaps closeish) I feel that you had been fantastic at coping with changes that you had through 2012!! You always soldier on and just think you made one of the biggest life changing decisions that many wish they could take but become numb and unable when it comes to it. In my experience every big decision has always a bit of a downer with are experiencing a little bit of it and thats part of life! You are a soldiering on type and I am confident this will be a place you will come back from singing a LOVE SONG!:) I am sorry I couldn't be there for you more but kids and family makes it just that bit more dfficult especially when you are on at least three different time schedules but you know where I am and you will soon have fun like the rest of us with the added help of the nearest and dearest. Keep smiling. Hope you and miss E will feel better soon. Mxx

  2. I especially like the bit of you and David becoming closer again... gives me hope for when I might eventually go through this xxx

    Looking forward to having you back so so much!

    Love you <3

  3. I especially like the bit of you and David becoming closer again... gives me hope for when I might eventually go through this xxx

    Looking forward to having you back so so much!

    Love you <3

  4. You will go through it Kay :)

    Your move to Malta has given me a great excuse to go visit the little island again. Been 12 years since I last went--! Will need to lose weight though. Have to look good in my bikini...

    I'm proud of you; I'm happy that you're happy and bringing Emily and the Bump up in an environment full of love and with a big supporting cast of family and friends is never going to be a bad thing.

    Good luck my lil'Wingflutter! I may be living in another country but I'm always here for you :)

  5. Wow, sounds like you have a huge year ahead. Hope it's a good one for you xxx