The End

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A Year Ago

A year ago, Emily had just worked out how to crawl, backwards mostly. The Christmas tree was up and in some danger. This year, everything is different. All memory of last Christmas is understandably gone, but this is where the real memories begin.

She loves Christmas, and the lights, and the tree. She has a few favourite tree decorations which she understands she is not allowed to take off the tree, but she can touch them as much as she likes so long as she is gentle. She is very gentle. She kisses them, because she loves them so much.

This year, there are no presents yet under the tree. I have introduced the concept of Father Christmas and told her that presents will magically appear under the tree on Christmas Eve. She thought that was really funny. "Silly Mummy!" she said.


  1. I'm lost for words!

    S :) xx

  2. I remember reading about Emily creeping towards the presents. How she has grown! X