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Turning 30...

My birthday almost went unnoticed until I let it slip to two close friends that I would be turning 30 and was informed that something had to be done to celebrate. I wasn't about to complain. Some posh afternoon tea was decided upon and a venue chosen (Hempstead House) and booked and we were all very excited.

The heavy fog almost ruined the afternoon when I got as good as lost (very typical of me), although it turned out I simply hadn't driven far enough. I won't go into it here but suffice it to say that my SatNav and I have never seen eye to eye...

An hour and a half after I left home, and an hour after our tea session was meant to have begun (cue three very worried friends), I finally made it to my own party thanks to Julia coming out to find me at the Texaco garage where I decided to give up my search (it may as well have been in the middle of nowhere for all the fog).

Once we got there, it really was a lovely afternoon. The food was divine and we had our own little private function room, so we could chat away to our hearts' content and just relax, and mainly spend some quality time together sans toddlers for a change!

It was far from my best birthday ever, but I was properly spoilt and I spent it with the best people I could have imagined spending it with - and at the end of the day, I went to bed with a smile on my face, which is what counts. I have an entire year to let 30 be good to me, and I think (I hope!) it's going to be a good one.


  1. I did not get a mention! Hope you did have a nice morning with Emily at mine:)) you never shared what D got you ...I liked the Pandora bag and the rest?:) Glad you had fun. x

    1. I didn't mention several people but I meant you (& others) too at the very end! ;)

  2. Happy belated 30th! I turned 30 last year and I was utterly disappointed with my 'celebration'. Seems that most usually has a big party for theirs but not me :( Mind you I didn't want a huge party but it would have been nice to go out and party it up a little bit- we went to dinner and movie. Was okay but I felt shafted as my husband's birthday was a week before and we went out and had a blast for that! *sigh* lol oh well. I'm really glad that you didn't let your 30th pass you by though with at least celebrating a bit with friends! Sounds like a lovely afternoon to me :)