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The Moogies

In light of the recent article advising that children under 3 should not be allowed to watch TV (which I wholly disagree with*), this probably isn't the best time to mention this but hey ho, I don't care.

Emily watches TV, it has been my saviour especially towards the beginning of this pregnancy while I laid lifeless on the sofa. I felt bad about it for a long time - electronic babysitter and all that - but she only ever watches programmes that are appropriate to her age and that are educational. We can see the benefit of this now that she is recognising letters of the alphabet at 20 months of age, can count items in front of her, uses expressions that certainly didn't come from me or David ("oh dear!"), and can even mutter a few words in French and Chinese (she loves the Lingo Show!). TV isn't on all the time, we do puzzles, build towers and castles, use play-doh, dance, read, go out, cook, paint, etc.

There's no denying this generation is born into a technological age. Moderation is the key, as with everything. Denying it is like trying to pull the world to an age it simply doesn't belong in any longer.

But I digress. What I wanted to write about is an iphone app that Emily loves. (*shock horror* yes she also plays on my phone.) She's known how to unlock it since she was 9 months old. Like I said, they're born into a technological age. There's a little folder on my phone called "Emily" that she knows to go to and find her games (once I unlock the phone!!), and she will stay within this folder 99% of the time. She's good like that.

There are about eight apps in that folder. To name a few of her favourites, there are:
Playtime with Dora (a huge favourite - she loves the Memory games, better on ipad)
Baby Sign and Learn (this has been amazing, she is actively learning new signs and words thanks to it)

But the game she can spend hours on (or at least until it kills my phone battery entirely), is The Moogies. This is a clever little discovery game. A house with nine characters at nine windows. Each window reveals a different scene with different "tricks" to discover. The characters will dance or sing, even the frames on the wall and the moon or the sun have surprises up their sleeves. You press anything and something happens.

Emily has her favourites. The talking Parrot at window 8 and the fishing Cat at window 7, and lately also the dancing Sheep at window 4.

We didn't know what the parrot did at first. We thought he was really boring until Emily spoke one time and the parrot repeated what she'd said in a funny high-pitched voice. There was no turning back. Part of me wishes there was a Moogies toy in it's own right, not just an app on my phone. Because if there were, I could guarantee it would go everywhere with her. She has entire conversations with that silly bird, often interspersed with infectious giggles, she asks him things and accepts his repetition as a reply, then more giggling/dancing/jumping around.

This app has become an absolute life-saver in doctor's waiting rooms or times when Emily needs to sit down quietly (like my 12 week scan!!). Try it out on your toddler - trust me, it's worth the 69p - and let me know what you think! :)

(Note: this app will override the mute setting on your phone)

* Beth pretty much sums up my thoughts on the "no TV for under 3s" issue here


  1. I understand what you mean. I would definitely do the same. From my experience, we learnt an entire language from just watching TV. This was in the 80s - can you imagine what kids (in a controlled environment mind you) can learn nowadays!

    I find apps really great! I downloaded an app for my cats too - sponsored by Friskees hehe - they have to 'catch fish' - I've only tried it with one of them but he loves it!

    1. OMG I never even thought there'd be apps for cats!!! I have got to see this! :D

    2. I'll see if i can take a video. It's hilarious! I've got both of them going at it. Maybe I should download it on the ipad since it's bigger and video it from my phone. Will try tonight :)

  2. I was super confused when I had a load of hits from your blog and then I got a chance to read this post - ahaaa!!
    The Moogies looks fantastic! We have a tablet so I might have to see if it's available or something similar - I don't see how anyone can see these technological advances as a negative thing


    1. teehee sorry for confusing you! ;)
      I know there's an ipad version, no idea how apps on other tablets work tho - but it is worth checking out if you can get your hands on it! xx

  3. We are finding lots of benefits when children use iPads. The issue of technology has always been around. TV, iPads etc per se are not harmful. We promote co-viewing for TV but it applies to iPad/iPhone use as well. Only caution is the posture of the child when using the app..

    There are some really sweet apps for E's age group like Virtuoso Piano, Giggle touch, The Tab tale story books are interactive and kids love them, things that go together, ABA flashcards, Peek-a-boo barn and wild.. If you want more I'll send you some more :)

    I am doing my thesis on the developmental stages of children using iPads: From 6 months to 3 years... I will keep you posted with my findings :)

    1. Cannot thank you enough for that! Not just the names of apps (which I shall be looking into!!), but also the point about posture. Please do keep me updated!

  4. I ve always felt guilty about letting my son (now 15 months) watch tv at all, due to these studies. I try to engage him in other activities but as you said tv/iPhone/iPads are lifesavers sometimes. He watches tv often while I prepare dinner, otherwise it might just be ready made meals every day! I agree we live in an era dominated by electronics. Moderation is key to all, and as long as we expose our kids to physical exercise and other types of mental stimulation too, I think no harm will come to them!!