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Quick Visit to the Historic Dockyard

Last week (or it may have been the previous week - I'm having trouble keeping track of time at the moment), Emily and I visited the Chatham Historic Dockyard to have lunch with a friend and ex-colleague. I love visiting the Dockyard, I loved working there (and the job itself), it's all good memories.

So after lunch, after we'd said goodbye to Lydia, I walked Emily around to see some sights I knew she'd enjoy. Namely trains, ships and the helicopter. Add to that the fact that it had rained overnight so the road was peppered with puddles that I let her splash in, she had the time of her life.


  1. So, SO adorable!!! Little red riding hood! :)

    S xx

  2. Hahaha how sweet! She's reminding me of the little sheep soft toy you used to include in your travel photos hehe, probably because she's so small next to the machines :D