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Conversations with Emily

We visited Daddy at work yesterday, which meant catching the train to London. The last time we caught the train, Emily wasn't quite into trains and buses yet, but now she most certainly is and she loved it. The train journey out was so funny, I just had to try and jot down part of the conversation (well, monologue mostly) on the way back. This is what I saved on my iphone notepad: (note that she calls herself Elly)

Emily (looking out the window, for cows): Animals! Where are you, animals?

I am giving you the correct version here. The above in reality sounds more like "Amoos! Wheyayoo, amoos?"

Me: Shall we look for animals?

Emily: Yes

Me (there were no cows in sight, so attempting a diversion): Look, there are lots of trains and cars!

Emily: Trains! Cars! One two three six. Oh goodness! More more cars!

(The train doors open.)

Uh-oh open! Close! (She knocks on the partition behind us.) Hello? Who there?

(She tries to close the door, from inside the train. Needless to say, unsuccessfully.)

Elly sit. Ok. (She sits down.)

(Door closes)

Yay Elly! Good girl!
Wow more train! Another one!
Uh-oh gone. Ok.

(She notices me taking note of all this on my phone.)


At which point I handed over the phone to let her play a game.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am never bored of spending time with this little girl... She is absolutely hilarious!

PS We find out what flavour Squiggle is tomorrow! Get your guesses in quick!!


  1. lol how funny!!! Her talking has come a long way since my visit (sentence-wise)! Can't wait to hang out with her soon!!

    p.s. really excited about tomorrow yay!

  2. LOL! Adorable! I absolutely love "Wheyayoo", "Oh goodness!" and "Yay Elly! Good girl!"!!!

    Can't wait to see her again!

    S :) xx

  3. Oh man, she is so cute it almost hurts! This is obviously a very good age... I love that you guys record so much of it. How precious will these videos be?