The End

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So Much Love

The other day I came across something I wrote on the 10th February 2011. Emily was 13 days old.

"Being a mummy to this little girl of mine has made me feel complete. It feels like the final piece of the puzzle has been located and firmly put into place. I cannot get enough of the way she looks at me, adoringly, with her big eyes, the way she moves closer to me when I give her kisses because they comfort her and she wants more, the feeling of her breathing softly when she falls asleep on my chest. If I could sit here all day and just look at her, I probably would be fine with it. She's magnificent even when she's crying. So much love, I cannot even begin to put it into words."

I can't say anything's changed. If anything, I love her even more.



  1. Those two bottom teeth!! *sigh* I'm jealous Willow has all the teething none of the teeth never ending. :)

    1. She has four there now, this photo is from a few weeks ago.

      You just wait, she'll probably cut a bunch of teeth in a matter of weeks. I know it feels hopeless for now but you'll get there! :) xx

  2. Oh that bought a tear or two to my eye *sniffs* xx