The End

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Early Morning Perspective

At nine o'clock on a Sunday Morning, it may just as well be six o'clock. With only a handful of people on a street that you know will be bustling in a few hours, there's a certain stillness in the air. The kind of stillness you can enter but not disturb. Dogs and owners are out for their walks. Shops are shut. Maintenance workers have time to stop and play peekaboo with a baby. There is an intoxicating simplicity to life that you can fill your lungs with. A mental snapshot of a quieter world to keep close for those other, overwhelming days.



  1. Lovely words! I used to love that stillness on Sunday mornings on my way to work. You could hear yourself breathing. Bliss.

    1. Thank you. It was so peaceful, I had to write something just to capture it somehow. I think I did, to the extent you can capture a feeling like that.

  2. This is my favourite part of the day.

  3. <3 <3 <3 BEAUTIFUL words. And a gorgeous photo to go with them.