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Date Night Observations

Last month saw our third date night since Emily was born. My sister kindly babysat and we headed out to the cinema for the first time in 17 months. (Yes, I counted.)

Here are some date night observations:

1. No matter what great outfit you had in mind for date night, it simply will not do on the night and you will go through everything you own, only to turn back to that original outfit reluctantly as nothing else seems to work as well.

2. It is not possible to wear more than one pair of shoes at a go. Yes there are many pretty shoes in that closet that haven't been worn in months and months, but you really will need to just settle on one pair for the night.

3. You feel the need to tell your sister where everything is, forgetting that she already knows all this because she is, in fact, your sister and not a random babysitter.

4. Cinema food doesn't get cheaper 17 months on.

5. The tub of pop corn that you just spent a half a year's savings on will topple over if you hit it with your coat.

6. People will want to sit in those seats you've draped said coat over.

7. Volume levels in the cinema seem shockingly high when you're used to keeping the TV at a sensible volume because the baby's sleeping.

8. Upon your return, the baby will sense that you've been out galavanting and will spend the rest of the night unsettled just to keep you on your toes, and in the hope that you won't dare go out alone again.


Our next date has been scheduled ;)

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