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New Rules

Some things need to change around here. Therefore I am setting these new rules:

No laptop use while Emily is awake.*
All she ever seems to see me do is use the laptop while she plays. More time will be spent playing with her, therefore also increasing the possibility of her learning that there is more to life than a computer. I am a very computery person, but I had a varied childhood and I really don't want her to be one of those kids who only know how to turn to a computer for entertainment. Children see, children do. For this same reason...

Read more.
I was a total bookworm right up until about the 28th January 2011. Since then, I think I may have read one book (I'm not entirely sure) and skimmed through a few magazines. I need to read more for me, because it focuses me and it calms me, and I need to read more for her, because she needs to see that reading is something that's good to do.

Establish storytime.
Currently our most successful storytime is during bathtime and involves waterproof books. I do not think this is acceptable. I need to find a time when she is awake enough to tolerate it, and bedtime is not an option - I am generally yelled at if I dress her too slowly, let alone pause the entire process to read a story. What can I say, the child loves her sleep! So if anyone has any advice or suggestions as to a little storytime tradition I can set up, please share!

Get out every day.
Even if it's just for a walk around the block. I was really good at keeping to this rule until about a month ago when Emily and I were both unwell and I made an exception for a few days because I had such little energy, and since then I just haven't been able to find my mojo again. Mojo must be located. Emily loves being outdoors, the fresh air is good for us both and God knows I need the exercise.

* This rule can be broken under certain circumstances (eg if I am desperate to place a grocery order) but then use must be quick and to the point. Use of my phone is still allowed because I trust myself to be somewhat balanced with that (and if necessary can be hidden behind a magazine...).


  1. I love the reading one! I think it is SO important to get kids reading. Wish I could help you with the storytime thing but I have no clue!

  2. This is a good start, dear :D. I especially like the staying away from the laptop one. I'm quite sure that if you stick to that you'd be able to find time for reading stories to Emily :)


  3. Kri: I didn't spend THAT much time on it to begin with, but I'd open it when she's playing and leave her to it - and although I still intend to let her play by herself some times (she knows that she can't always be entertained by someone else, and I'm not about to ruin that!), I could be doing something more constructive and educational for us both instead.

    Re storytime, I'd like to slot it into her daily routine somewhere, that is the only way we will ensure that it happens every day. Bedtime is the most ideal but she gets impatient for sleep! So I am thinking after lunch before her afternoon nap - I tried it today and she seemed to enjoy it. Fingers crossed!

  4. Hi Clare,
    I love and adore and love your rules. They are so thoughtful and you clearly put your daughter first. Even, if you don't achieve them all 100%, it's so sweet that you are thinking about these rules...
    They are lovely ones.

  5. What a lovely comment, thank you so much Silvia! :)