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My First Birthday a mummy that is.

I turned 29 over the weekend. (Although I still think that someone miscalculated something somewhere along the way and I've only just turned 20 really.)

I'm big on birthdays. October is always an exciting month for me, even if just because towards the end of it, nicely enveloped in beautiful autumness, is my special day. But this year, it almost escaped me. October hasn't been that great and my birthday almost seemed to surprise me. Suddenly, there it was, a few days away. So there wasn't a huge build-up. I barely had any time to plan anything.

This year, a tiny person is more important than my birthday.

So it arrived, a plain day with the potential to be as plain as every other. But instead, it was a magnificent day. Over breakfast, David and Emily gave me my presents in the form of a treasure hunt and had me running all over the house eagerly looking for gifts cleverly disguised in different wrapping paper and hidden under or beside everyday objects. One was even buried inside Emily's toy basket.

Then we went out for an early lunch. We had friends coming over later to join us for some champagne tea ;) Oh yes, are we posh or what?! After which, we went for a walk in the perfect October weather (this week has been nothing short of glorious), and then stopped by the swings. Emily had a go on the baby swing (have you seen her very first time?) while one of our friends and I had a go at the see-saw.

Nothing like acting like a 5 year old on your 29th birthday.

Oh did I say 29th? I meant 20th.

By the end of the day, I just wished it didn't have to end.

And if anyone's curious, this was what my real first birthday looked like...




Ah, the eighties. Check me out in my knee highs.

[Special thanks goes to my Daddy (now sans huge specs) for scanning these in for me over the weekend :) xx]


  1. Happy birthday again! You were a beautiful baby and Emily looks a lot like you. And the socks...Maia's obsessed with knee highs so she would approve!

  2. wow you mum just like your sister or shall I say your sister the one in Bromley looks just like mum!:)) and wow you and Emily wow...similar lovely! Mx

  3. Thank you Maureen! haha glad someone does! ;)

    Maria... that's the first time I ever heard that one!!!! (sis & mum)

  4. Is that Boccu in the first pic? Just digging the cigarette smoking at a little kid's party.. wouldn't happen today :)

  5. I was thinking when I posted these actually that there are a few faces I don't recognise but I think the person you're referring to is M. Francalanza. Now if he is/was known as Boccu, I don't know!!

    And SO true about the cig!!!!

  6. Ah the guy with the mustacci and the cigarette...was married to Anna, my aunt.

  7. No, sorry- the one with the cigarette is Michael Francalanza married to Bernadette.They are two of our closest friends ;) There is no one over there married to any Anna.

  8. Regarding the resemblance I personally cannot see it now but I always thought that the two who looked like me most were Denise and Steffe. Den also looks a bit like nannu Joe, and Steffe like nanna Violet and my Nanna Carmen (Nanna Violet's mum) Clare, you and Chrissy look like dad and Nanna Vivien and Daniel looks like dad and Nannu Harry.:) A mix that makes you all beautifully unique :) xxxx