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A Story of Nines

Today is Emily's 9 months in, 9 months out day! (Simply put, she's 9 months old.)
So, to recap, because 9 is one of those numbers that seems important in a baby's life...

Photobucket's a glimpse of Emily (then known as Bean) 9 weeks into the pregnancy...

Then suddenly I was 9 months pregnant.
(No, not the most flattering of pictures, but in my defence, this was precisely 7 days before Emily was born...)

And this is my little Bean today, 9 months old.
My headstrong little smiler. She's suddenly craving independence in every way.
Hates that she can't yet crawl. Hates being fed. Hates being strapped into her pushchair.
Loves music and her daddy. And banana and bread and anything she can eat with her hands really.
Desperately trying to speak to fellow humans but for now makes do with speaking to her toys.
Everyday I think I can't love her anymore than I already do.
Everyday, I do.

Emily is "wearing pink" in support of Breast Cancer Campaign.


  1. Those latest pics are breathtaking. She's so beautiful.. Also, I love that colour on her.. she would match Aunt Pinky very well :)

    Happy 9 months Emily x

  2. Oh, she is the cutest little bean on earth! Love her.

  3. Such a beautiful baby! And you looked great for being 9 months pregnant.

  4. Haha, Cora!! Thanks! :D

    She's gorgeous, Kle!! <3

  5. Ahh happy 9 months to Emily, it's a lovely age!

  6. You have a mega cutie over there ta. Well done - you're such a proud mum (as you totally should be). xx

  7. Thank you so much everyone! I'm pretty darn proud of those photos :)

    Cora - bold colours suit her loads, I think red is the best on her tho

    Maureen - lol thank you!