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Weaning: How It's Going

It's been a few weeks now since we began weaning on a daily basis and it's going very well - if I'm honest, far better than I ever expected it to go this early on.

And it's benefiting not just Emily, but David and myself too. We were aware that our diet wasn't the healthiest, but the extent only became clear when I realised that there was not one meal or snack that I could have shared with Emily. Something needed to be done. With the help of The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook (hugely recommended!), I've put a rolling two-week menu together. This makes things easier in two ways: it's easier to shop for groceries as I actually have specific dishes in mind that I need to prepare for (our shopping list has changed dramatically since we started weaning), and secondly it ensures that we don't turn to the toxic ready meals in the freezer as snacks because there's always something good available.

From Day 1, when I placed food on Emily's highchair tray (and expected it to get no more than a glance or a prod), she picked it up, explored it with her fingers and then popped it straight into her mouth, sucking and gumming it.

She loves food, she is genuinely excited to get her hands on it when we sit down at table for lunch, and gives me the biggest grins when she (eventually) takes the food/spoon out of her mouth. She is crazy about chicken and beef (click for video), hates bacon, quite likes her veggies and gets frustrated at pasta (because it slips out of her fingers).

However, I have also begun giving her some purées. There was just something so perfectly "Mummy" about sitting down with a spoon in my hand and her looking at it excitedly, I couldn't resist. And she is really enjoying it too. So we are now mixed weaning - purées and finger food.

And as long as I am armed with her twenty thousand bibs and a big packet of wipes, even the mess doesn't bother me! I cannot for the life of me describe how much I am loving this.


  1. Yay. I'm glad you're enjoying it. We're only four days in and I'm loving it too, put not nearly as much as LittleMan. He leans forward for every spoonful and I just can't get that spoon loaded up again quick enough.
    It's funny to think how much trepidation I approached it with. I was really worried about weaning. Plus because he'd only ever had breast milk I found it quite emotive that he "didn't need me". But I was so wrong. It's such a lovely bonding time.
    Can't wait until next week when we go up to two meals a day.

  2. So pleased it's going well hun! As a "spoony" it's fab to read how your BLW is going!

    I'm so worried about Jupiter feeding himself in case he chokes, how have you coped with that? Xx

  3. You're getting me excited about weaning! Never thought I'd say that.

  4. BBM - You're so right, I love the way she gets so excited when she sees her little bowl in my hand or when I place bits on her tray, though we're still struggling a bit with dinner because she's always so tired after 4pm! x

    Nel - I was never too worried about it, having read the BLW books and their take on it. We've had a few gagging episodes and a couple have become worrying but she's always been fine within seconds and continues playing with her food - it's usually because the taste of something has taken her by surprise or because she's miscalculated the size of something and stuck it too far into her mouth lol. I'm always watching her closely though x

    IF - it's so much fun! :D

  5. Aw what a lovely post and very cute video! I'm glad you are enjoying weaning so much. It's lovely when they can join in with your meals. Weaning JW had the same effect on our shopping list - I don't think we've ever eaten so well! x