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The House That Jack Built

He didn't really (Jack), or if he did, I don't know about it. But yesterday, the house I grew up in was in the Maltese news. Very exciting to see a picture of your old house in the news. (Not so great to read that the adjoining bridge is falling apart, but let's not go there).

This is the house I spoke of in my post Lines of Light and Dark. I loved that house. It holds so many beloved childhood memories.

Afternoons spent playing dress-up with my sister (sometimes by candle light if there'd been an electricity cut - all the more authentic as our games were inspired by Road to Avonlea where there was no electricity anyway).

Hours spent sulking at the dinner table in a battle of wits with my parents when I refused to finish my dinner (I was a very fussy eater).

Fantastic birthday parties, girly sleepovers and boy crushes. Evenings spent moaning over my French (or Italian or Maths or...) homework.

Our first computer. Our pet cats. All hundred of them. My grandparents living upstairs. Treasure hunts in the garden. Hose pipe fights in the summer. Throwing shredded paper onto the banda from the balcony during the festa. Bulging stockings hanging off the fireplace on Christmas Day.


The house is the one behind the bridge. Well, the only house you can see - with jade green windows. My fancy arrow points at mine and my sister's bedroom window. I am convinced that the reason I am such a deep sleeper and can literally sleep through anything (can be confirmed by David at 3am on certain nights...) is the amount of noise we regularly slept through that was amplified by that bridge.

The bridge that is now falling down.


  1. Never knew you lived there!! S :) xx

  2. Such a unique and interesting place to have such great memories...very cool..( not about the bridge though) There used to be housing inside the Brooklyn Bridge many years ago.

  3. Clare, I loved this post!!

  4. lol, you are amazing. :) I send you a link to a newspaper story, and you turn it into a post about childhood memories :) Love it. xxx

  5. I agree with dad :) You know something though? In the years we were there, I just couldn't ever sleep with the noise from under the bridge. Now I sleep like a log!!! So funny though, what different memories we both have living in the same house at the same time? I somehow seem to have blocked the memories. Thanks for this post.... so positive xxxxx

  6. miwa - just goes to show how experiences affect everyone differently!

    and daddy - of course! i had an excellent childhood :)


  7. King - that must have been pretty awesome!

    Oaxacaborn - thank you!