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Little Lessons

She's only gone and done it again! :-)


The amazing Nataliya (SuburbanMummy / Akira Photography)
took some "6 month" pictures of Emily a few weeks ago.
(Needless to say, they are all stunning.)
She then wrote a touching post thanking Emily for inspiring her.
To keep going, not to give up.

Claire over at BeakTweets wrote a similar post about her daughter the other day,
observing her sheer determination to learn things.

We forget, as we grow older, how easy things were when they were simple.
When there were no masks, no pride, no complications.
These little ones just get on with things, at their own individual pace.
And even when they fall, they get up and (perhaps a few tears later),
they smile a brilliant smile, light up our worlds, and carry on.

We could do worse than to learn a few things from these amazing little people!


  1. So true, so true & thank you, you made me blush lol

  2. aw, thanks for the link up! babies are such amazing little creatures. i love learning from meredith. your little E gets more and more beautiful.

  3. You MUST frame this one! Look at those big lovely eyes!

  4. Beautiful, and reminds me of something I read recently, that said: 'No matter what our facades, we are all children'.

  5. Wiser words were never spoken! And beautiful pictures!

  6. Thank you all SO much! I am in love with this set of photos. They'll be framed all over the house before we know it ;)