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Message On a Stick

26th May 2010 - It had been a regular day in every way. An uneventful work day, moderate weather, nothing to write home about. After work I met a friend for a few glasses of wine. And when I got home, for some entirely absurd reason (possibly because I was a little bit drunk), I decided to try a pregnancy test. My period was not due for another 5 days and it was the evening. All advice went against my doing that test. So when that faint second line showed up, I wasn't quite expecting it. I stared at it for a while and tried to catch my breath, disbelieving. Could it be?!


It had been a regular day in every way. But that evening, my life took a seat on a rollercoaster, tied itself in tight and got comfortable. Things would never be the same again :-)

Note: Yes I am fully aware that I have essentially posted a picture of an object I've peed on, and for that I do apologise. It wouldn't quite work any other way, you understand...


  1. I've kept my two tests as well! Perhaps disgusting, but I don't care :)

  2. Aw it's amazing how two little lines can change your life isn't it? (Although for a moment there I just saw the pic and thought you were announcing something!) x

  3. So you knew you were pregnant the day after Amy was born, life changing days indeed :)