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Make Do, Make New

We don't always change Emily's nappy in the nursery. When we're downstairs, it's easier to just do it there. We have a second changing mat and a shoebox with a small stock of nappies and small versions of everything we might possibly need (Sudocrem, wipes, handgel, etc).

The shoebox is the one my snowboots came in. It is green and red and has Trespass & the logo all over it and is, in short, not pretty. It is, however, the most practical box I've found so far, very easy to open with one hand, and for this reason I am hesitant to change it.

Cue a mini online shopping spree for fancy adhesive vinyl. And I ended up with Blackwood vinyl and Cow Print vinyl.

Then one day when Emily was on particularly good behaviour and happy to just sit and watch me, I got cracking. And this is what the "downstairs nappy box" now looks like:


(*cough* I may even have done up the inside...)


  1. I really like the end result

  2. i love the box!!! Make me one im sick of having nappies laying around my living room hehehe

  3. Genius! I''m always going up and down stairs :) Lx

  4. The loveliest nappy box I've ever seen!