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Emily and the NCT Boys

Emily and the NCT Boys - it's a name a country music band would be proud of, but in truth it's meaning is quite literal. Our NCT group produced nine beautiful bouncing babies. Eight of them were boys - Krishan, Felix, Joseph, Joshua, Max, James, JD and Robin, and amidst them all, there was Emily.

Many of us still meet up on a weekly basis. It's such a great support system, not to mention so much fun watching a group of babies change from week to week, and to have a group of mums to share stories with.

Our first official reunion was back in February, here's the line-up! (Emily was just 3 weeks old here... still struggling to believe she's over 3 months old now!)

(Missing Max and JD)

Love it!


  1. OH MY HEAVINS! They are all so adorable! I just want to snuggle them all. I bet the sweet baby smell is just intoxicating!

  2. That's so funny, you'd expect it to be 50/50. In my NCT group all 6 babies were boys, maybe there's something in the water...

  3. What a bunch of little peanuts! SO CUTE! Love it!


  4. I remember Stella was part of a similar group for quite a while - nearly two years, I think!

  5. Emily with her bodyguards :) So cute x