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10 Days

Just ten days left till Christmas. Is anyone else as excited as I am? There are gifts waiting under the tree - I can't wait for Christmas morning when they can all be ripped open. Our day this year is going to be a quiet one - just the way we wanted it to be. Next year will be so completely different!

It's already been an excellent December so far. My family was over visiting last week, which was lovely. Unfortunately I've now caught a cold which has me feeling pretty miserable and yet very reluctant to miss my last antenatal classes. I'm holed up at home on a diet consisting mostly of chicken soup, and mugs of hot water with honey and lemon, and I've even given in and am now taking paracetamol (I'm terrible about taking medicine on a regular day, let alone pregnant).

Speaking of which, Little Miss Emily seems to be picking up on my excitement for Christmas, rolling around and dancing all day long. That, or she's firmly fighting the ever-decreasing amount of space she now has to move about in ;)

I am loving being able to make out her little body parts as she moves. Her tiny hands actually tickle me sometimes. It's pretty incredible. I'm dying to meet her. (...7 weeks...)



  1. Only 7 weeks, oh my goodness! I love the way you talk about feeling your little one in your tummy, it gets me all emotional and so looking forward to the day when I get to feel that. Hope you get better SOON!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment ag! I'm glad the emotion of it is getting through, it's such a beautiful feeling. Much better now, at last!! Thank you! x