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The Feast


The feast was a success! The Cranberry Sauce was impressively divine - and we of course have loads left over, which I am later on today going to try to make muffins with - watch this space! (Update: I never did end up making the muffins...) The Brussels Sprouts concoction was also very tasty - David even gave in and tried some, and he really hates Brussels Sprouts! The gravy, bearing in mind I'd never made gravy before nor was even familiar with the concept of how it's made (I was always simply served it until now!!), was also a success. Had I remembered to purchase a gravy boat, I'd have been that little bit happier.

The Turkey was popped into the oven around 09:30 before we sat down for presents and was really tasty, if ever so slightly dry at the core. Ultimately, it was my meat thermometer that let me down - I was sure it was done but the thermometer thought otherwise and I chose to listen to it. In the end, the thermometer and I agreed to disagree - I was so sure it was done that I chose instinct over gadget and wished I had earlier! Still, yummy.

And the Victoria Sponge, despite some mathematical mishaps on my part (of course) while baking, turned out really well and it was all gone by Boxing Day breakfast!

(And we're still alive!)

The day was exactly the way we wanted it to be: quiet and intimate and happy. We dropped by my sister's in the afternoon for a couple of hours and some more great presents. It was a fantastic Christmas Day, and it will only get better from here...


  1. sounds like heaven, clare! and well done for the cooking! i've never cooked a whole bird yet and the prospect is daunting.

  2. My advice: just follow the cooking instructions on the packet (or ask the butcher) and follow your gut! Silly meat thermometer... *mutter*!

  3. Look at your bump! Ahhh...I've missed so much!