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Foot Scrub

The time has come. I have had to ask David to give me a pedicure, because I can't reach my feet for longer than a few seconds without entirely losing my breath. Even just putting on a pair of socks can be a very uncomfortable affair.

Last night I asked him, very nicely with a cherry on top, whether he'd be so kind as to help me sort out my feet. My nail polish needed removing, my feet needed exfoliating, and then moisturising. I'd been putting off doing it for a few days because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it myself. It was great to sit back and enjoy a little foot massage. I'm not really the type to run off to the beautician at the slightest excuse, so this was a welcome treat.

He, of course, made manly noises about how unmanly the whole thing was, but the look on his face while he did it told me he secretly enjoyed pampering me. I certainly hope it's the case: it's not going to be the last time! As I see less and less of my feet, there isn't a doubt in my mind that there are going to be other things he's going to need to help out with. For today, I'll attempt to put on some fresh nail polish myself... but by next week, it might be a completely different story.



  1. how sweet of him! i can't for the life of me imagine george doing my feet (also because i hate people touching my feet).

  2. Ha! Left you a comment but I seemed to have lost it! I have had the same and gosh doesn;t it feel like they are in real discomfort?! I mean men not feet although equally probably having to think about it...!
    Anytime you want coffee and pedicure I shall be at service...eastern european gals are goood at evething...:)) XX M

  3. He didn't seem uncomfortable at all, this is my point :) He enjoys pampering me, but of course had to make the appropriate sounds about it lol ;)