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Changing Rooms - The Nursery

The nursery has started coming together, if just in my head for the time being.

So far, we've taken away the furniture that made up the guest room, leaving just the wardrobe which we decided to use in the nursery after all. The cot will be assembled this weekend and the dresser should arrive any day now - at which point things will start taking real shape.

But in the meantime, I've been working on some ideas for colour, content and style...


It's getting very exciting, I can't wait to start seeing it come together. The spare room was the first room I did up in this house, and now here I am again, come full circle - this time as Emily's room.

[images/ideas via Ikea, Babies R Us, Mamas & Papas, Amazon, Nimbus Lighting]


  1. Just remember.. cute little good babies GROW.. into toddlers who break, scratch, colour and paint on the lovely furniture you choose to put!!!! Just a thought since that´s the current level I am in the game right now! ;)

  2. Adorable! Oh, the fun I would have had as a baby playing in a shag/flokati rug. You've made a mental note in my brain to make sure I buy one immediately when and if I become pregnant.
    And, since I was away, happy belated birthday, and happy belly! I'm so glad your heartburn has stopped - I get heartburn merely from smoking cigarettes and can attest it's the worst thing ever. I couldn't even imagine being pregnant and tired and craving foods on top of that... bravo for being strong!

  3. I love it all and so will Emily! The dark wood is my favorite, especially with that red rocker. I can't wait to see how you put it all together! xoxo