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Bird's Eye View


24 weeks today. When I look down, this is what I see. Actually, I lie: I leaned forward to take this photo. In truth I can see far less of my feet when looking down. I'm getting used to my growing view, though not enough to not completely forget about it sometimes and then look down and have the fright of my life.

By way of a quick pregnancy update, this week things have suddenly gotten much better. Two weeks short of my third trimester and I seem to have finally gained the energy that supposedly came with the second trimester. Just my luck. But still, I'm enjoying the feeling of having a new lease on life. I'm getting lots of stuff done around the house and I even have more energy to meet friends and actually hold conversations for longer than half an hour. Always a pleasant change!

Strangely, my stomach generally seems to have finally eased up on me too. The heart burn which has plagued me for weeks on end has calmed down (or perhaps I'm just learning how to tackle it better before it gets even worse in the coming months) and I'm managing to eat and enjoy a larger variety of things without worrying that I'll be hugging the toilet bowl as a result.

I am having crazy fruit cravings. Not crazy as in strange fruit. Just insane cravings for regular fruit. Case in point was last night, when come 9pm I suddenly needed mango and I had none to hand. A can of peaches eventually had to do (to stop me going out of my mind) until I could stock up on mango today and I am in fact snacking on some as I write. Nom.

I am quite pleased, also, to report that I seem only to have gained 6-7kg since the beginning of the pregnancy. The last 3kg seem to have come on suddenly over the last couple of weeks (a trip to Malta never helps). Just to clarify, I use the word "pleased" back there very lightly. It was not a pleasant experience to step on those scales yesterday and read the numbers glaring up at me. Had I been able to pay the scales to say something different, I would have.

As for Emily, she is about now developing taste buds (something tells me mango is going to be very high on her list of favourite food). She is also now officially considered viable, which almost feels like a graduation from foetus to baby in my book.

*pats tummy*


  1. lovely post clare!i'm so excited for you! :-) x

  2. That is the most adorable photo!
    Glad to hear things are coming along well!

  3. Ooh - Bean has a name already, does she?!

  4. Not much of a bean any longer! Something needed to be done! ;)