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A Birthday Thank You

I'm very childlike when it comes to birthdays. I look forward to them like I'm still about to turn 10. I love the cards and presents and it never for a moment occurs to me that the day should be a bad thing because it's making me older. I hope I never lose this childlike wonder of birthdays.

This year has been a particularly good one, and we're still just ten hours in. But this 22nd October is a lot more than just a birthday. It's a reminder of the huge change that's about to come.

So I'm writing this especially to thank those friends and family who have showered me with little bits of beauty and made me feel extraordinarily special. This year more than ever, perhaps, I've needed it. It's not that this birthday I suddenly feel older... it just means something entirely different. I know 28 is going to be big. It's not just a regular year. This one brings a baby and a whole new lifestyle. I'm looking forward to it but it's a little bit scary and my emotions, let's say, are not doing a really great job of dealing with it at the moment!

So here's a special thank you to my friends and family who've sent, in a variety of ways (in person, by mail, Etsy, Moonpig, Amazon, etc!), wonderful little distractions that have made me feel special and loved and supported and all those things that really make a difference.

Thank you for all being so special x