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Not the Liquor Cabinet

(Thanks Audrey!)

I found the missing "spirit" in the end. Well, a while ago now. I think what helped was Emily's raw excitement about everything. At almost 3, it's the first Christmas that truly has any meaning to her. She's been preparing for the season for weeks at school, has been busy crafting and even made a crib! It's hard not to pick up on at least some of that enthusiasm.

One of my favourite Rochester-bought decorations. Always guarantees a smile.

The balustrades had to be babyproofed with perspex when we moved in as the gaps between the uprights
were too wide and the first thing Emily ever did upstairs was almost walk straight through them.

Despite this, I managed some basic decoration along the staircase.

Bunting made by my Rochester neighbour Maria! She'll be pleased to see this ;)

Emily's Christmas card to Mummy and Daddy, and pine cone decoration,
along with our little crib that she visits on a regular basis.

The crib she made at school. 

My original angel. I have several more Christmas angels but this one has a very special place in my heart.

Emily's gulbiena.
"I put in a seed and I watered it and it grew!"
We'll make a gardener out of her yet.

Our version of the elf on the shelf. Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what was so special about the Elf,
then some twitter friends enlightened me. I had always planned to have something in the house acting as
Santa's messenger. Emily has named him Pat.

I am thrilled that I found a "matching" stocking for Adam.

And this ebay personalised purchase is another thing I'm thrilled about!

The larger of our TWO Christmas trees! The old UK-bought one is on the upstairs landing,
just outside Emily's bedroom. It is specifically hers and Adam's tree, whereas this one is
Mummy's and Daddy's because she's not allowed to touch the decorations.

Adam's First Christmas tree decoration, thanks to HollyBerry Boutique once again!

Yesterday I decided to risk it and while both kids were napping, I hid all the presents under the tree.
I say "hid" because the tree is so big, they are literally hidden under there.
The kids don't often use that room, so I wonder how long it'll take Emily to notice they're there!

So yes. Christmas spirit: check!


  1. Loving the knowledge on the balustrades has still remained! Have a lovely Christmas Clare, and family! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. You wouldn't believe the smile this put on my face ;) Much love! xxxxxx