The End

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A few weekends ago, one of my very best friends in the whole wide world and I went to Venice for two nights. The last time we travelled together was in March 2006, a few weeks before David and I moved to the UK. It was high time we did it again.

We travel well together, we're both relaxed tourists. We don't have lists of things we have to see and we don't do organised tours. We're both happy to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by. The unique version of the world of whatever city we happen to be in.

At first I wasn't sure I'd even be able to sleep being so far away from my babies. But then, once I relaxed slightly and some facetime assured me David was coping, I let go.

There were perks.

I could eat ice cream without having to stop to think "Has Emily had her lunch yet? Will it ruin her appetite if she inevitably eats half of mine or wants her own?"

I could stay out over their bedtime.


I didn't need to stop and think about the salt content of my food (to be able to offer it to Adam).

I had no nappies, or wipes, or bottles, or magic cream (arnica) in my bag.

I shopped for clothes for me. JUST ME.

I had time to wear my lenses every day, and make up.

I drank HOT coffee. And had to go back for more because the stuff is just so good when it's not cold.

There were probably more. But I did miss them, and the looks on their faces, the hugs, and Emily spending almost two weeks telling me how glad she was that I came back, were enough to make me really glad to be back. Doesn't stop me from hoping there might be another little break on the horizon though...


  1. I am so happy we got to spend some time together and that you had some well-deserved 'you-time'. I love you so much! <3

  2. That sounded as if you had a lovely -- and much-needed -- time!