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The Rainbow Room (Emily's Room)

I think it's about time I let you into this room....

Welcome to Emily's (huge) Rainbow Room!

She adores her "hiding place"

There was a very different plan originally meant for this room that involved completely different furniture.
Then we realised that the room this big wardrobe was meant to go into wasn't high enough to home it,
but we didn't want to get rid of it (it's huge and too good by way of storage to lose out on!) so Emily's room
adopted it, and before it was even all in place, we already knew it looked way better than the furniture that
was originally intended for her room. As Emily would say, "We got lucky there!"

She loves her room and will show it off to anyone she can convince to come upstairs with her.

Her Bedtime Brigade

Dolly sleeps in her own cot at the foot of Emily's bed

And then, a while after I took these photos, we finally had THE chandelier installed.
Not everyone was convinced it would work. My mother thought it might be too much for the room.
I think it completes it. The pictures don't even begin to do it justice.
...And my mother has since eaten her words ;)

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this room, as well as with the fact that I was able to bring in elements of Emily's old bird theme room as I didn't want to leave that behind completely - we barely had eight months to enjoy that one... Here's hoping the Rainbow Room's reign is at least slightly longer!

Princess Canopy from IKEA
Alphabet stickers from JojoMamanBebe
Rainbow & clouds stickers from The Graphix Studio
Images in small frames from IKEA
Flower Nightlight from IKEA
Bookends from Sass and Belle
Blue wall colour is First Dawn by Dulux


  1. I love this room. And it's so nice and spacious for Emily to play in.

    1. Thank you - we all do spend time in here with her haha

  2. It's great that she has a large room. We're giving Baby the large bedroom too. My brothers are I all had double rooms when we were kids and it makes so much sense for kids to have the large rooms because that is 'their' space. Parents have the rest of the house to use :)

    1. I feel even worse about Adam having such a tiny room now LOL... you're so right tho!

  3. How pretty! Can I come for a sleepover lol :)

    1. LOL Bring Cesca and I'm sure we can get you a "pass" too :P

  4. I want this room !! hehe . Beautiful, You have always had a knack for this decorating business :) XX

  5. Beautiful bedroom interior. My 2-year old daughter would love a bedroom like that, especially the fairy-styled draping bean bag at the right corner of Emily's room.

    1. That's an IKEA purchase, not expensive at all... it's meant to be draped around a bed, so you may not even have a space issue :)

  6. This is one good practice on how to create little one's room. Simple, colorful, cheerful and I bet Emily loves it. :) Congrats that's a great job you did. :)