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At the Petting Farm

On Monday, the day before Emily started school, we had a special little outing. We went to the petting farm in Ta' Qali. We'd been in May and she loved it. We especially went to see the rabbits, which we then discovered had been moved for the summer months due to the intense heat, but will be back later on this month (an excuse to go again soon).

So this time, we instead focused on feeding the goats. We picked some weeds from the soil and I explained to Emily what to do. I wasn't quite sure how she'd react as she's not always very confident around animals (especially lately since a family member's dog tried to steal an apple she was eating and scared the hell out of her!!) but she quite liked the idea and enjoyed it.

It's a sweet little place - the huge pity in my opinion being that there is no kiosk or anyplace to buy snacks. But it's free to go in and enjoy and you're welcome to take your own snacks. There's a horse, a donkey, a pony, swans, peacocks, ostriches, turkeys, a colourful aviary, goats and usually, rabbits. Plenty of rabbits!

She wouldn't go closer or "the pony will eat my banana!"

And these are the pictures from May (ironically, she was wearing the same t-shirt!!)

She loved these rabbits. There were more in hutches that you could pet properly but this was where she wanted to be.

Small play areas within the farm.

It's a sweet place, and easily a quick entertainment option (we weren't there that long this week). I still wish there were food options as I'm sure we'd have stayed longer each time... and the play areas don't really cater for children under 3 or 4 (Emily is really good at climbing but here she always needs help getting up to the slides which isn't easy when I'm holding Adam too!), which is a pity and could easily have been rectified with better planning, but hey ho we have a petting farm and anyone can pet the animals and I guess that's what counts! :)

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