The End

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If there's one thing we miss about our house in Rochester, it's the large back garden. Currently living in a flat, with just a small balcony as outdoor space, messy play is somewhat limited. Emily loves splashing around in water, so last week I decided to put aside my worries about her pouring water down on unsuspecting passers-by and let her play in the balcony with water.

She was thrilled.

"Mummy, come! I need to wet your toe-toes!"


She then spent ages transferring water from basin to bucket with a cup.

And later, it was very important that the seahorse had a drink.

She spent an hour and a half out there. Proof that the simplest of games are sometimes the very best.

And after her nap, we did it all over again!


  1. This looks fabulous...she is so content! My boys would have wanted water pistols and shut the people beneath the balcony. I am loving it...your camera makes amazing photos I love love love! Ps. I will tag you soon in a photo re: little nightlight bunnies and toadstools let me know what you think....its what I had in mind for Adam and a little one for Emily too....they are easy to send....but you might already have something like it. ps. they have an owl too! mxx

  2. Lots of fun had there... When/if we get some decent weather im going to do similar for my 2 x

  3. I have exactly the same problem, drives me nuts! My little monkey loves splashing in the pool or with a little bucket of water on the balcony just like Emily. She looks so cute bless her x