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Growing Up: The Teddy Bear Diaries

Thanks to Timehop, I came across this post yesterday, and couldn't resist adding to it. The difference in Emily in a year is flabbergasting to say the least. If I thought she looked grown up last year...!

So then I decided to make this a yearly thing and I started Adam's too. He wasn't entirely impressed with me at first but we got there in the end!

You may notice that Emily and Adam are more or less the same size in their first pictures, despite Emily being two months older than Adam currently is at the time I took her picture. This is not surprising. I weighed Adam this week - he weighs a whopping 6.3kg (13lb14oz) at not yet 8 weeks of age. I've looked it up in her red book... Emily weighed similar at 15 weeks!!! So yeah. Big.

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  1. That is the most gorgeous idea ever! Wish I'd started doing something similar myself now! x