The End

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Rochester in the Autumn

I will miss Rochester. Especially in the Autumn. 

If I'm honest, I'll miss Autumn generally. Malta has two seasons: Summer (lots of it), and a short Winter. There's no Autumn and only a very vague hint of Spring (which I have probably come to know as the UK's version of Summer). Pictures like these will have a special place in my heart soon enough.


  1. Since moving to England, autumn has become my favourite season. The colours, the weather, the anticipation to Christmas-time - it's all so beautiful! Like you said, Malta only has two seasons - it misses out on the best two ones!

  2. Where I'm from we get 4 very pronounced seasons. I really miss that.

  3. Oh, your daughter is just so, so sweet!

    Rochester looks like a lovely place to live.