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Half Baked

Sunday was the 20-week point in my pregnancy. I'm not quite sure where the last ten weeks have gone. Last I remember, I was thinking to myself that it was all going very slowly and I had no idea what everyone meant when they said second pregnancies flew past. And then it happened.

I still cannot believe how lucky I got this time round. When I think that by this point last pregnancy, I had had to stop working and I was still constantly nauseous and desperately lacking energy.

This time, I still sometimes forget I'm pregnant. Sure, my bump is getting pretty huge and Squiggle makes his presence felt a lot, but when he's quiet I can forget. Energy levels are good until after dinner, there's no nausea, and even the hip pain that had set in properly by this time with Emily is only just starting to creep in.

Having said that, he's not often quiet. Since I hit week 18, the movement has been almost constant. I already know his sleeping patterns (and if they remain this way, God help me), and as of this weekend, David has been able to feel the kicks too. For those not in the know, it is still insanely early in the pregnancy for that to be happening!

The downside to this pregnancy has been - and remains - the heartburn. I have never known pain like it, and it feels ridiculous to refer to it as pain, but there's no other word. It engulfs my entire being, and even my beloved Peptac only works for 15 minutes if I'm lucky. But this too shall pass.

Meanwhile I am already hopelessly excited to meet my little boy, and what with all that's coming my way in the next four months, I don't think it will feel like forever before it does happen!


  1. Wow! This baby is growing so quickly! He must be big and strong. :) xx

  2. You look fabulous honey! SO pleased this pregnancy is treating you well so far! Apart from the blasted heartburn! I had it awful with Maisie! Enjoy the next 20ish weeks xxx

  3. Glad all is going well - and I'm very jealous of anyone who says they forget they're pregnant sometimes. I definitely never felt like that with either of my pregnancies!