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Hanging Out with Emily

There are a series of picture folders on my hard drive that are called "Hanging out with Emily." They are not photos of events or anything in particular. They are pictures of everyday moments that happen when we're just hanging around the house and I have my camera handy. Very often, they make for the best photos. They are also, I am sure, the photos that will eventually trigger those memories that may otherwise be forgotten - which right now, when we are preparing to leave a whole life behind, seems quite significant.

Here are some we took today.

(her very favourite spot)


  1. I love the one of just her tip toes :) I used to walk around like that all the time when I was young lol. Such a great photo

  2. We have 'Goodnight Moon' (on your recommendation actually!) and also 'Thats not my Santa'! It was tough decision between that and penguin, they're such different stories ;-) Do I spy 'That's not my puppy' in the top as well?? Hahaha!

    Cute photos, good luck with all the moving stuff! xx

  3. It's funny when you have children you just start taking lots of random hanging out photos. Never really did that before kids! And I love those curtains. So cute!

  4. Adorable (as always) love her little dress xxx