The End

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I've been tired this week. I've only italicised that but in truth, I could use BOLD CAPS too. That's how tired I've been. No doubt punishment for daring to say to someone that it seemed to be getting better last week. Sure, there are blog posts - they're just stuck in my head. Every time I sit down to write anything, I crash. So I've just not bothered. Instead, I've updated the blog header and here is a quick round up of our week.

We've written some very important post-it notes. Very seriously. 

We've become obsessed with the fluff that hides between our toes. 


We've had sweet, unplanned playdates with neighbourhood friends.

 We were fairies for 4 minutes. "Off! Off!"

 And had colouring sessions with good friends.

 Personally, although I've been a bad blogger, I was apparently a good wife.
Hubby treated me to these beauties yesterday. I have - somehow - managed to save three for tonight.
In reality, I could eat three hundred. They are divine

We've chased friends up and down the slide in unexpected sunshine. 

Which reminds me, will someone please tell Autumn to stop teasing and really get here?!

Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. So lovely that she has so many friends! And sorry you're feeling so tired! X

    1. It's mostly thanks to our NCT group still being close that she has lots of friends tbh xx

  2. She's so adorable! I need to do these for Reuben..... Xx

  3. Getting bigger all the time!

    And what are those colourful things? Sandwiches? Biscuits?

    1. Macaroons! I'm not quite sure how to describe them - somewhere in between a biscuit and a cake, but oh so good!

  4. She makes a very cute and funky fairy! Z would probably do that too. He's the same with toe fluff at the moment. It seems to be like toddler treasure doesn't it?

    1. LOL it really is! Then she hands it to me and says thank you!