The End

This blog is now closed. The story continues over on Flip Flops and Flying Carpets.

Thank you for reading.


Here's what we've been up to recently...

Nannu visited for a weekend and lots of time was spent playing together!

Growing feet = new shoes

We caught up with little NCT friends

And had lots of fun with Daddy

She is really, really trying to colour within the lines :)

Emily's Mickey obsession has reached new levels.
He even gets given her beloved Cloth to sleep with... now that's special treatment right there!

We also visited Willows Farm Village with some good friends... but that deserves a post to itself.
Watch this space.


  1. Nice photos! the shoes are really cute!

    1. They're her first walkers as opposed to cruisers so much harder soles than she's used to and she's having some trouble getting used to them haha

  2. Aww! Keep these posts coming, I love reading them. Must get R a table and chairs when we move!

  3. Just showed pics to Lucas :) he likes Emily xx

  4. Growing feetsies...coloring....picnics...all good things. But that first photo of E with her Nannu, oh, that one's precious! Should be framed for sure. :)