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Littlest Buddies

Last year I wrote about the blossoming friendship between Emily and her NCT friend Krishi, here. Since then, they've been to baby signing classes together, not to mention several playgroups and playdates. They can pick each other out in a crowd and they greet each other with a kiss on the face. Krishi's mum and I are pretty much over the moon about the way they adore each other.

One of their recent playdates involved much laughter (I say "their" playdates but you know that for us mums it's a perfect excuse to let the little ones entertain each other while we have a good natter, right?) We caught some of it on video. Oh the wonder of iphones.

I dare you not to smile.

Go ahead and bookmark this. When you're having a bad day, watch it again. Baby laughter is the best medicine.

PS Emily started walking over the weekend! Woop!


  1. Oh my God Clare, that made my morning lol! They're so cute and I love E's 'bye-bye' at the end :)

    1. That bye-bye gets me every time too! She's so hilarious :D x

  2. Oh the SWEETNESS!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG how cute!!! Adorable. Of course I smiled!!

  4. And that bye bye at the end !!