The End

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Phase One: Complete

As some of you may already know, Emily moved into her new room over the weekend. It's not entirely finished - the curtains are still in Malta where I sent them to get done "cheaply". Two months later they were finally ready, and then my little sister - whom I'd been counting on to bring up the curtains - had to cancel her visit. It now looks like they will get here next month with more visitors from Malta. The irony is that the entire room was designed around the fabric we chose for the curtains, and yet they will be the last thing in place. Best laid plans and all that.

There were a few more hiccups along the way but the room really is looking lovely now. I'll only post a little hint of what it looks like as I'd like to wait until those curtains are in before I take proper pictures.


Emily's first reaction upon seeing it was "happy, happy" while she jumped in her cot with a look of giddy excitement on her face.

I think she likes it.