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Rome beckons and here I am, cleaning the house like a madwoman. I'm not exactly sure why, but I can never go away for a few days (not that the duration makes a difference) and leave behind a messy house. Maybe it's the knowledge that coming home to a less-than-perfect home will negate any relaxation that was had while on holiday? Am I the only one who does this? (I suspect not.) I just love knowing my house looks and smells good - even if I'm not around to enjoy it!

I'm mostly packed (which in itself surprises me as packing is generally a torturous task which involves hours of agonising). This probably means that I've forgotten half of what I actually do need to take with me, so I'll be looking into that more closely later.

But for now, back to the hoovering it is for me (with a Dyson, not a Hoover), while the felines attempt to get as far away from me as possible, fur puffed up, giving the Dyson the most disapproving looks they can muster.

PS: *snigger* - look: Vintage Christmas Adverts & Hoovergrams

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  1. I frantically clean before I go away. I like to come home to a clean house and not have to do anything other than unpack!

    When do you go?

  2. I'm sure we both look just like your picture when we clean the house...LOL

    I love coming home to a clean house.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I agree with Nat. But I also have a grocery order scheduled to arrive the evening I return... then I REALLY don't have to do anything! :)

  4. yes yes and yes! i'm on the same wavelength as you with cleaning prior to vacationing & i think it may interfere knowing that unpacking and cleaning awaits post-vacation.

    enjoy rome!

    p.s. i love my animal dyson! and crazy cats just cower and hide when the purple monster comes out

  5. I totally do the same, and I leave quite unhappy if I do not manage to leave a spotless home... I know that all my hard work will be destroyed by the unpacking process, but I cherish the feeling of finding a nice, tidy home to welcome me back!

  6. This could have easily been a post that I would have written, word for word. Bravo, we are alike :)

    Have fun in Roma, I'm itching with jealousy. It's so breathtaking!

    And ps: you're from Malta! Lovely! I've never met anyone from Malta, except for the one time I was actually IN Malta, of course... It's beautiful!

  7. Thank you so much Kle for sweet caring comment. I hope we both get rid of those bad energies soon!


  8. come help me clean my house!! it really needs it!

  9. I am SO glad to know it's far from just me hahaha - we all sound like housewife queens!!!

    Mrs Charlie - I do the same! Have one booked for the morning after I arrive ;)

  10. don't worry -- you are not alone. i was pondering similar thoughts as I washed the dishes before leaving the house today. :)

  11. what a great blog you have here....
    have a wonderful trip.

  12. Hmm, I like a clean house ANY time! Alas that is rarely the case! I do like to clean up before I leave town.
    And maybe if I owned a Dyson vac I might like cleaning a little more..
    Rome?! really? sweet

  13. Agree with you. It's nice to return to a spotless home after a holiday.

  14. ha! I'm like that too. I think it comes from my mother always doing that before we went on holidays. I remember always asking her why she was cleaning up when we were not going to be here.

    you're off to Rome? Lucky you! Have loads of fun and visit all the places from "The Roman Holiday". Ride a vespa or two, have lots of gelattos and pizzas. mmm, I want some, now! xoxo