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There Was a Dress...

I'm not one to buy clothes that don't actually fit. I like to spend my money on things I can enjoy immediately. But this dress was different. While out looking for something to wear to an occasion later on this month, I came across this beautiful garment. I mostly fit into it. Approximately one inch of my derrière doesn't. And yet it was just so pretty, I couldn't let it go.

I can't complain really. I only put on one dress size during my pregnancy and within a few days of Emily's birth, I was back to my pre-pregnancy size. This does not mean, however, that my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me. Ah no. Not in the very least. My shape is entirely different. So things that looked great before, don't quite have the same effect any longer. But I digress.

I went ahead and purchased the dress in the hope that it might spur me on to lose the nasty inch (or three) that is the only thing standing in the way of me and a large portion of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (not that I'm not enjoying needing to buy new clothes *cough*).

So there you have it: In just under one month, I will attempt to wear the dress to a wedding. I will share a photo taken at the wedding, and then we will all know - Will I have lost that godforsaken inch, or will I have been forced to return the dress? Gripping, I know.

Watch this space.


Update: In the end, we didn't make it to the event, however the dress does fit, if still slightly tight, but a huge improvement over the first time I tried it on!


  1. Ahhh! I've been known to do that!

    Especially buying dresses when I lose an extraordinary amount of weight and then pile is back on o_O

    is that the dress in the picture?

  2. Good luck, honey! You will totally ROCK that frock! :)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  3. try on the dress with one of those body shapers (like tights).
    You will apparently lose a size from your patata. I believe M & S have.

  4. goodluck cant wait to see you in it! xxx

  5. Cora, yes that's the dress :)

    Ve, that's my Plan B. It's the heat that worries me!!

    Sarah & Shauna, thank you!!! I've got all my fingers crossed lol