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A Lifetime

Tomorrow Emily will be 11 weeks old. It's a short, short life so far and yet, she's already come so far. She's begun reaching for her toys, sometimes even manages to grab at them (especially her Sophie Giraffe). She's chattering more, smiles at practically anyone who gives her the slightest bit of attention. She now weighs 13lbs or 5.88kg, has moved up a level in bottle teats, and two in nappies!

And she's teething. My sweet, happy baby is breaking my heart with her pained cries, biting down on her hands and my knuckles with all her might, looking at me as though to beg for help and all I can do, realistically, is cuddle her through it. Sure, baby painkillers and teething gels have been administered, but it doesn't make the pain stay away. My heart shatters into a million pieces every time she cries.



  1. Wow ! she's grown so much and doing so many things already :) Damn teething. Hope she won't suffer too much.

  2. ahhh crying sets off a whole load of things in a mum genarally NERVOUS SYSTEM gets affected badly....hence we get so frustrated and tearful. Reuben was suffering so bad...each time a tooth would come he would have heat rush and fever and shakes and the lot....
    Difficult stage she will be ok! YOu will too. Hugs and kisses.

  3. I always found Nurofen children worked better for teething than Calpol (unless she has a temp then calpol works better) Also try those teethers that you can freeze as the cooling effect is v soothing. Both my kids used to have terrible diarrhoea and nappy rash around the time the teeth came through! Just awaiting Phoebe's last molars now... and soon Theo will start losing milk teeth! It's all about the teeth lol! xxx

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