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Being Thankful

On Saturday we held a Thanksgiving ceremony for Emily. A little occasion to give thanks for this amazing life that has begun, a day shared with dear ones.

To my wonderful 9-week-old Emily:

You are amazing. You fill me and your Daddy with so much happiness, our lives will never be the same as they were before the 28th January, nor would we want them to be. You thrill us every day, watching the latest thing you learn to do, discovering new things every day, trying out facial expressions, sounds, touch.

You are demanding and impatient yet your smile lights up the room. You are sweet and I already know you are kind and caring. You look at us with total adoration, a feeling completely reciprocated. We love you so much we might just burst.

Last Saturday as many of our friends enjoyed baby cuddles, I found myself missing you even though you were right there. Holding you and keeping you close is worth the backache, armache, late lunches, one-handed chores. If it were possible, I'd just never let you go.

We love you with all our heart. And then some more x


  1. CHildren bring you a joy you never know was possible, cherrish every moment and just remember when you are having a bad time with her, this too will pass

  2. Ooh, this is so sweet! I'm not a mommy yet but your posts have made me so look forward to when that day eventually comes!

  3. it was such a lovley service I felt it was so special. I remebered the late summer evening when you and I in my garden shared some stories and then found out Emily was there too:))) HOw very exciting that evening for us all...then the journey through the 9 months of pregnancy seeing you become a loving caring amazingly strong mummy. Emily is blessed to have you both..
    It was fantastic to be there witnessing the joy of Emily being blessed some very emotional moments. |XXM

  4. I remember a time when you were just like that for us. And you've grown into a beautiful mummy now. Xxx

  5. so sweet! love the idea of a thankful ceremony.