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Half a Decade

Five years ago today David and I left Malta for the UK. I won't repeat myself but refer you to the post I wrote two years ago for details. It's a big big day for us and thus deserves to be marked. We've come a long way, grown and changed. Overcome so many obstacles and gained so many wonderful experiences. Got married, made ourselves a home, had a child. Sure it's been more of a challenge than doing it with the constant support of family and close friends, but we're so much closer for it.

[Us back in 2006]

To the next five years! :-)


  1. Happy [UK] Anniversary!! :D xxxx

  2. Congrats to both of you. You're doing great. xxx

  3. Now you can become UK citizens, n'est pas?

    God bless you my dear ones :) xx

  4. That's quite the story! Congrats on five years of what sounds like a wonderful life together in the UK!

  5. How brave. How strong.


    Bless you both!

  6. Thank you all. It's been quite the adventure! :)