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One Cushion

Do you remember me mentioning that when my waters broke, I was writing a blog post? Well, this was it ;)

27th January 2011

I come from a very creative family. My mother sews and paints, my grandmothers knit and sew, make jewellery and all sorts of crafts, my grandfather actually ran a crochet business when he gave up work as a journalist. My other grandfather could draw and was into woodwork, my dad plays the guitar and is an excellent photographer, my sister is an artist in her own right... You catch my drift.

I was no exception. When I was young, I could sew, knit, crochet, tapestry, cross-stitch, draw, paint, you name it. I wasn't ever going to make history, but I could get by.

Over the years, it all stopped. The extent of my "talent" became mostly limited to saving the odd pair of trousers from the horrible fate that is a loose hem. I pour over etsy now in awe - not just at the things there are on there, but also at people's ability and patience to get it all done. I got lazy and forgot how much I actually enjoy creating things. The computer played a big part in the downfall - I'm still creative on the computer, but it isn't quite the same thing as good old-fashioned creating, is it?

Lately I began to realise how much I actually miss making things. I've bought books overflowing with ideas, gorgeous pieces of material, I even finally bought a proper sewing box and filled it right to the brim. (I wouldn't want to be caught unawares.) And then everything sat there, untouched (unless, of course, a hem needed fixing).

So it is with great pride that I present to you the product of yet more hours waiting for the baby to decide it's time. With some leftover material I had lying around from the nursery curtains (yes the second pair is now hemmed and waiting to be hung), I decided to make a cushion cover to go with said curtains.

Hand-sewn and based on no particular pattern other than something very sketchy in my head, I give you... one pretty cushion.


(You might argue it's just a rectangular shape, nothing really to it, not very special. Mock if you wish... my pride is unfazed!)

Also, I made this for dinner this evening - try it!

It's somewhat surreal reading this again now, so much has changed :) And I *am* glad my creative juices got going, if for an afternoon - it might be a while before I get the chance again!

[first image]


  1. It's so important that you pass this on to your little one - like it has been passed on to you. I think that being creative makes life richer in so many ways. It keeps the brain alive and useful and enthusiastic! So you might need to stop making crafts for now, but pretty soon there will be pasta pictures and little doll's clothes etc etc

    I've never made a cushion cover and I'd love to make one. Have you considered that most people have never made anything? (other than things there were 'forced' to make at school)

  2. You have just convinced me to continue with my bucilla sewing, even though it's Christmas-themed. At the moment, I have enough time on my hands. In the future, maybe not! Well done for the cushion :)

  3. A girl of many talents! The cushion's lovely. I have a hard time sewing on a button so can't even start to imagine making a cushion, no matter how basic the shape is!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the texture of the white fabric, looks so luxurious!

  5. Love the cushion-keep it up..

  6. I think that cushion is so sweet! How cool to look back on this post!