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Staying Healthy

It's been a manic few days. And to top it all off, I've been unwell - fever, flu symptoms, dehydration, exhaustion. I'm not entirely sure what it all was, but suffice it to say it was no fun and I was in no position to take care of Emily, making me all the more grateful to have my mother and David around to take care of both me and the baby!

I had a visit from my Health Visitor on Monday, who in not so many words "told me off" for not taking care of myself. She was more than right to do so. My idea of breakfast since Emily arrived has been a coffee and two biscuits, which will keep me going until 2pm when I might (if I'm lucky) remember to eat something you might consider a light snack (eg a slice of pitta bread with cheese), and then be too exhausted by dinner-time to actually even contemplate eating anything.

Let's face it, not very healthy. It's not exactly surprising I got sick. She advised me to have a cereal (like Weetabix, which I love) and orange juice for breakfast from now on. Cereal because of the iron it contains, orange juice because it helps the body absorb the iron.

I intend to make more of an effort from here on. Having said that, I know I'm not the only new mother having "time to eat" problems. We tend to focus all our energy on the new arrival and completely forget about ourselves. Gone are the days when we can plan lavish meals that take up hours of our day. The trick, realistically speaking, is to stock up on healthy snacks that keep us going. And remember to eat them.

So here's to that. Yet another aspect of this journey I've embarked on. Any tips are, as always, welcome! :)



  1. Oh I remember those days well! I used to take my son to my husbands office for a 'Lets visit Daddy' session just so that I could have a few minutes to eat something :-D.

    Hope you feel better soon and manage to get into a food routine!

  2. If you don't take care of you, you can't take care of Emily. :) That said, I'm guilty of the same thing. Our situations are different in that my son is 11 and has cancer, however we understand the very basis of putting everything else ahead of ourselvers. Remember to breathe, eat, and sleep---it makes all the difference!

  3. i'd die of hunger if i had to eat just what you were having! in a way it's a good thing the health visitor told you could have got worse had she not. as sarah before me said, you need to take care of yourself first. i find nuts, fruit and yogurt are the easiest snacks to have around and nibble on while doing other things.

  4. Normally I wouldn't survive on what I've been eating either... I'm a bit amazed at how much longer I can keep going since Emily was born!

  5. I always got my husband to make me toast before he left for work each morning. That way I was sure I had eaten something!

  6. as soon as I am up....I am in th kitchen having breakfast....before all else. then wash kids and drss them then me....then day nd to find your own routine that works. I know D works long hours etc but you know...while Emily sleeps do drink a tea and have some food. Nuts and fruits great...however a bit too fatty and a bit to acidic for me.....God only knows I am FAILING IN ALL THE WAYS SO AM NOT GIVING YOU ANY ADVICE other than ENJOY and look after yourself ask for help if needed.

  7. If you don't take care of yourself you won't be able to take care of Emily. A quick cereal breakfast is always a good start for the day and then maybe having little snacks such as yoghurt or fruit (you can also buy those pre-prepared cut fruits)

  8. I know it's not a good thing but as they say ...always look on the bright side of life!! This absolutely never happened to me lol - and I am still trying to shift the weight from P's pregnancy ...she'll be 2 in 2 weeks which means I can't keep blaming her anymore lol! Take care of yourself...Emily is gorgeous :) I love how Fb says her age in number of days lol! xxx

  9. 2 eggs, scrambled.
    A handful of torn up baby spinach mixed in.
    A slice of wholemeal toast with real butter...

    Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sorted.

    Keep well, sweet friend.